Commercial worm farming

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Commercial worm farming

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We will get through this together. Updated: June 10, Reader-Approved References. Few opportunities arise in life that offer the possibility of teaching, learning, giving back, being environmentally friendly all the while earning an income in the process like worm farming.

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At one point in the past, worm farming was more of a hobby than a career. The niche was extremely tiny: people raised worms to sell to bait shops for fishing. With a renewed environmental focus that has spread globally, worm farming is gaining popularity as well as a foothold in the world of legitimate business endeavors. With the bare minimum of start up costs, you can start a worm farm for profit quickly, easily and definitely on the cheap.

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Provide the optimum location and environment. If you don't mind cohabiting with the crawling critters, your basement is one of the most optimal of environments for a thriving worm suburb. A warm, dark and dry environment is best; however, worms are fairly hardy and can withstand temperatures in the range of 40 - 80 F 4 - 27 C.

You will also want to keep them out of the hot, direct sunlight. If you insulate the container well enough, they can survive in colder temperatures, but you must not neglect their care.

Build a container for your new pets. This does not have to be anything fancy, and there really is nothing to it.I love using worms to deal with organic recycling and I enjoy telling others how to do it. Worm farming is ideal for a family or home-based business. How much you earn depends upon what your goals are and how much time you have to put into it.

A worm farm can be a great way to earn extra money or can even provide you with a full-time income. Produce your own nutrient rich compost and fertilizer. A worm farm is also an excellent project that you could get your children into to help teach them responsibility and management while they earn money for things they want.

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A worm composting system can create enough naturally reproducing product to bring you a steady profit if the time and care is taken. Starting a worm farm also known as a worm composter is not difficult and it is a project that can involve the kids as well as the adults.

The classic method is stacking bins made of any material, but the plastic ones that are found at the supermarket are ideal. Make sure that the bins are of a dark material and not see-through. Worms do not like light at all, so keep things as dark as possible. The bottom bin, also called the sump, should have a mm hole drilled on the side directly above the base. Inside this hole, a mm diameter plastic barrel or a tap with washers should be placed and sealed tightly with lock nuts.

Holes should be drilled in the bottom of the two upper bins for draining the dirt and worm castings into the bin below as well as migrating worms to crawl through. Drill two more rows of holes about four inches from the rim of the bin all around as well. This will allow air to get through. To set up the sump bottom bin, there first needs to be a layer of bricks placed on the ground so that the composter will be slightly elevated.

This will allow the fluid or "tea" that develops to drain freely. The second and third bins are identical and should have packers at least six inches and no more than eight in height sealed jars will do nicely.

These packers should be placed throughout in the upper bins with smaller ones of four inches in the sump bin. These will keep the accumulation of compost from building up. The top bin should have a material that is both moist and fibrous. Shredding newspaper is a good and inexpensive way to create this.The above content is the exclusive intellectual property of Happy D Ranch.

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Or is it just a scheme? Welcome to the wacky world of worm farming. If worms were a form of currency, Clyde would be rolling in it. It seemed a nice investment and a good change from carpentry work.

That was a lot of money to sink into some soil squigglers. Robert J. Selling worms! Ready to become a worm farmer and turn your trash into cash? A little over two months ago, a truck picked up 1, pounds of his worms and transported them up to a Washington farm owned by CRS.

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Something went terribly, terribly wrong, resulting in mass vermicide. He pressed them, saying that once the worms were out of his hands, he was longer responsible for their vitality. That was more than 60 days ago. The question of what to do with thousands and thousands of worms when a buy-back plan goes awry has been burrowing across the country for months.

Vermiculture companies have created billions of pounds of worms, but there are only so many farms, bait shops and composters looking for worm wares. Squiggle Worm buy-back programs have been around off and on since the s. The concept is simple: Investors are not just getting worms for their money, but a buy-back guarantee on their worms.Post a Comment. Monday, January 1, Worm Farm Setup. If you're like many folks this time of year, you're looking to make changes in your life for the better.

Raise fishing worms for yourself or to sell to bait shops Make worm castings fertilizer for your property or sell to others Vermi-compost your household and organic yard waste for ecology These are just come of the main reasons people want to raise earthworms. And your worm farm setup depends on your specific reason or reasons for starting a worm farm.

commercial worm farming

If you're starting a worm farm for purely personal use or for ecological reasons, your setup won't need much room, can be simple.

Vermi-composting composting with worms household and yard waste can be nothing more elaborate than heaps and bins where ever there's room. There's no need to purchase those expensive stacking trays, either.

Those ridiculous spigots on the bottom to catch "worm tea" are useless. If your worm trays are wet enough to produce water out that spigot, your worms are dead, dying, or gone. Simple opaque rubs with or without lids, appropriate worm beddinglights overhead, and non-chlorine water does the trick. Simply chop food stuffs fine, add to the top of the bedding and cover with dampened cardboard, shredded paper, or newspaper and provide an overhead light to prevent crawling.

Harvest out overcrowded worms and start new bins or give to neighbors or put into your yard or garden. Or, start new beds if you have enough organic material.

Starting a commercial worm farm for profit requires somewhat more planning and setup.

Charlotte, NC Airport Worm Farm, Composting, Recycling Center Auction Preview

If you're new to worm farming, I suggest you start small, get the hang of it, then expand your worm beds as your expertise and market increases. It's surprising how little startup money, space, and time it takes to get a worm farm set up and earning extra income. In no time 6 months to one yearyou can be making a sizable income for you and your family. Worm farming is one of the easiest home-based business to startwith the least amount of money invested, with the quickest profit return.

However, there is a certain amount of knowledge required in order to save money, time and aggravation - knowledge that you absolutely have to have in order to be successful and earn money.

The difference between those who fail at worm farming and those that create a successful home based business is specialized knowledge about growing, breeding, and marketing earthworms.

In order to help my worm customers who want to start their own worm farm, I put this specialized knowledge I've acquired through the years into a manual form. This manual gives them step-by- step procedures in the order that's required as they begin their worm farm business.

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It's available in a handy download version and also in hard copy format. Here is more information of what you'll find in the manual. Or click on the link below to order. You'll discover:. Whether your trying to grow worms for your own use or want to grow enough to sell commercially, this manual gives you the information I wish I'd had when I first started. Labels: how to grow wormshow to worm farmworm farm businessworm farm setupworm farmingworm farming business planworm farming profitWorm farming secrets.

No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Easy to follow worm farm setup instructions.Guide on raising worms and how to write a commercial worm farm business plan.

They are also a good food source for fish and other marine life. Worm raising is a niche that requires specialized tools and knowledge.

commercial worm farming

The business is practicable from home or a dedicated site. The cost considerations depend on the scale of the farm. Write a worm farming business plan and carry out a feasibility study. Choose a business name and study your competitors. Create a budget and use online resources to find customer base. The plan should cover equipment, labor, sourcing the breeding stock.

Before starting a commercial worm farm you need to understand the business. Learn how to raise earthworms, know what to feed and protection them from the weather or predators. Learn how to build a worm bed, produce compost, worm tea, packaging and pricing. Understand the local market and different income sources. Earthworms feed on decaying matter and grow in surface litter. A primary source for fish bate they are also used in composite industry.

There are different species of worms so the farmer should use fast growing, high yield ones. Choose the species common to you locality that attracts best prices. Brandling worms are ideal for vermiculture while African night crawler best as bate.

Red earthworms grow 2 to 4 inches in mature 5 to 6 months have cocoons each. To grow them successfully you need to prepare a worm bed. The main equipment for a commercial worm farm is the worm bed. Earthworms grow easily in any container however worm beds are highly productive. The container should have provisions for drainage and introduce organic matter. Make sure the bedding material is moist, deep and correct temperature. Protect the worm box from weather conditions such as heavy rain or dry weather.

Heavy rain could cause heavy casualty like death or escape of stock.Septic Education. Grease Education. About Us. Drainfield Education. Contact Us. Other Education. Because we are already in the "GREEN" business dealing with wastewater treatment products it was a natural addition for us to get into the Vermiculture business? Most commercial worm farm businesses are successful on a local level and we certainly supply our local markets with both worm castings and fishing bait worms.

But we also sell our high quality and all natural worm castings across the United States. Our web site is mostly based on education and to that end this page is split into two sections.

For those of you reaching our web site who are just beginning to research the worm farming business opportunity, or are in business and looking to improve your operation, I will answer a few common questions we have heard over the years running a successful vermiculture business. Please use our contact page if you have questions that are not answered here, we are more than happy to help you out.

Starting a Worm Farming Business at Home for Profit

Yes worm farming is hard, but like all farming it can be done successfully with good equipment worm harvester and a good system of growing the worms. The cultured nightcrawlers used in the UNCO Industries system are excellent producers of high quality worm castings and make a super organic fertilizer.

Our opinion is that the worm castings produced from our UNCO duplicated system are better than what is made from red worms, and the UNCO cultured nightcrawlers are more prolific producers. You will see plenty of red worms for sale to start a worm farm or for raising fishing worms and even for composting with worms. But worm growing is more than that, you need a business plan and you need to select the right types of worms to start your commercial worm farming business off on the right foot.

You must establish a good market for your products locally to have a successful vermiculture business. It is easy to sell the bait worms locally for fishing worms.

How To Start A Worm Farm Business

Ask around for the local organic growers in your area. These are the people who will become your customers the quickest. These organic growers and organic home gardeners are always looking for pure earthworm castings. They want to use all natural organic fertilizers to get the many added benefits of worm manure.

You can sell worm tea, compost worms, worm food, garden worms, worm composting bins, worm boxes, and worm bedding.

commercial worm farming

Start small, know what you are getting yourself into, and talk to worm farmers who are already in business. Get to know worm anatomy, get some worm raising experience, know your worm facts, and worm casting benefits before increasing your worm farm operation. One of the nice things about the worm farming business is that you can always grow bigger when you have the customers and you have some experience under your belt. It has saved us a lot of headaches and time in our operations.Demand for worm castings and worm-related products is growing rapidly, thanks to the boom in the organic growing movement and legalization of cannabis in an increasing number of US states.

commercial worm farming

Everyone's ideas and constraints are a little different. And those differences significantly effect how you plan to scale your operation. Some of you are just exploring. Others are ready to take the plunge. I want to help you reach a situation where you are investing rather than risking your time and money. Note: While I may financially benefit if you choose some of the paid tools on this page like books, memberships, or product sales, I pledge to NOT lead you into a situation for which I believe you are unprepared.

Small businesses see plenty of business referrals from their listing on the Urban Worm Network. By registering your business, you can see quick results for local searches, and depending on your local competition, you can end up 1in your area. I offer a premium service to further enhance your listing by using your logo as your map marker, offering links directly to your product pages and personally optimizing your listing to attract search visitors in your local area.

Register Your Business. I interview business owners, both large and small, who give us a sneak peek into their motivations, processes, and industry-specific insights. From the occasional farmer's market stand owner to one of the world's largest vermicomposters, you'll find something for every level of business you strive for.

Some of the best value in these interviews is the honest assessment of how difficult the path was for some of these business owners. Unlike what you may read on other sites, there is no easy path to success….

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Owner and founder of AgTech startup Michigan SoilWorks, manufacturer of commercial-scale continuous flow systems. Soil expert and owner of the Dallas-area vermicomposting business Texas Worm Ranch. President of Aldea Verde Lombricultura, a large scale vermicomposting operator and consultancy.

Entrepreneur and owner of Red Worm Composting, one of the web's most influential and longest-running blogs serving the vermicomposting community. Read All The Interviews. The On Farm Manual of Vermicomposting is an extremely valuable free resource, detailing the various methods of vermicomposting, sources of feedstocks and bedding, efficacy of vermicompost and more. Full of academic citation, familiarity with this work by Glenn Munroe of the Organic Agriculture Center of Canada is a must!

I consider this to be one of the most valuable free resources for the vermicomposter looking to scale up a hobby-level operation or explore which vermicomposting method is appropriate to your situation. Read the Manual. A continuous flow system CFT is the gold standard in low-labor vermicomposting for mid- to large-scale operators. I am pleased to partner with Michigan SoilWorks to serve clients with vermicomposting equipment and services like site design and procurement of equipment from other vendors.

The Michigan SoilWorks CFT is a modular, expandable system thanks to its precision design, allowing small operators a more affordable entry point from which they can expand without purchasing an entirely new system.

From the powder-coated structural steel to the stainless steel cutting bar and components to the hand-selected motor to the high-density polypropylene walls, the Michigan SoilWorks CFT is built to last. Buy the Plans. Visit Michigan SoilWorks. Membership is open to business owners of all sizes and those who are just exploring the commercial end of vermicomposting.

Red Worm Composting. Black Diamond Vermicompost. Kookaburra Worm Farms. Aldea Verde Lombricultura.


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